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Established in 1969, NNEMAP has become one of the largest food pantries in Franklin County. The clientele that depend on NNEMAP consist of families living in or near poverty. NNEMAP is a 501-c3 non-profit. NNEMAP is a cooperative ministry of over 30 churches distributing food and material assistance to needy residents of the near northside of Columbus. We serve over 16,000 people with a 3-day supply of food twice a month. Our food supply comes from private donations and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

Background Statement
traces its beginnings to 1958 with construction of Interstate 670. The new highway so disrupted "flytown" neighborhoods that home values plummeted, and within three months a new population of disadvantaged persons needed emergency services. Fourth Avenue Christian Church opened a food pantry, with several auxiliary services, maintaining it at their facility for 10 years. By 1968, about a dozen churches known as Near Northside Cooperative Ministry were working together and with Godman Guild Association to serve a population that had moved toward High Street. In April 1969, the pantry incorporated as Near Northside Emergency Material Assistance Program. The pantry operated for 17 years out of an old Dennison Avenue house, a former parsonage donated for the purpose by St. Mark Lutheran Church. In the mid-1970s a former church building on the northeast corner of Third Avenue and High Street became available. Bethel United Methodist Church offered $50,000 toward its purchase by the East Ohio United Methodist Conference if the pantry would be assured of space there. The purchase was completed with that understanding and in the mid-1980s, NNEMAP moved into the Third and High space. In the spring of 2015 NNEMAP moved to 677 E. 11th Ave. Columbus, OH 43211.

Geographic Areas Served
Columbus, Ohio
Zip codes 43201, 43211, 43215.



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